How to Build a Great Dating Profile?

So, you want to know how to build a great dating profile? You’ve come to the right place. I am going to share my experience and what I learned about profiles in general. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into how you can make your own profile better.

Nail the first impression

I know how it feels like to be sitting in front of a screen, thinking about ways to grab the other person’s attention. The first step you should take is not to write an interesting introduction; instead, you should focus on having a stunning picture. While it’s true that people swipe left and right very quickly and only open about 20% of the profiles they see, your profile still needs to stand out from the rest. I recommend using Instagram for this purpose because it has so many filters and other tools which can make your picture look amazing without too much effort. Just don’t get carried away – keep your face looking natural! Don’t forget to use good lighting.

Show what you like outside of dating

People tend to write mostly about their interests in dating profiles, but if you only talk about what kind of activities you enjoy doing together with a romantic interest, then it feels like an advertisement. It doesn’t show anything unique about who you are as a person and why someone should date you instead of somebody else – honestly, there is nothing interesting about you if all you talk about is how great it would be to do a couple of things with somebody else.

Present your hobbies in a creative way and avoid clichés such as saying ‘I love going on picnics’ or ‘I enjoy long walks on the beach’. Instead, think of what you can bring to the table that nobody else can – can you play an instrument? Are you interested in writing poetry? Have you created something unique and creative none has ever done before? Let people know about these things: they will gain a better understanding of who you are and what makes you special and interesting.

Look at other profiles

Before you start writing your profile, take some time to look at how other people present themselves. Pay attention to their tone – do they seem bitter or sad? You don’t want to sound like that! Do they make jokes about themselves? This would probably be a good place for you to joke too. The bottom line is: the best way to see if the message someone wants to convey through his/her profile is working or not is by looking at it through different eyes; what might seem awesome and attractive when you write something may turn out to be corny and fake after somebody else reads it.

Be honest

Don’t tell people you are a professional dancer if you barely know the basics. Don’t say ‘I love traveling’ if all you have done is visit one place in your whole life. Don’t talk about how passionate and loyal you are if you cheated on someone before, or swear that no matter what happens, your current partner will always be number one…If you say something like this, chances are people won’t believe it. Also, make sure to keep your profile updated – it is really annoying when someone says he lives in London but there is not even an option for that city as location on their profile!

Check your grammar

It doesn’t matter how amazing your profile text is if you can’t spell properly and use proper grammar. Make sure to run a spelling and grammar check on whatever you write; it will make a world of difference.

Choose recent photos

It is true that looks aren’t everything, and attractiveness doesn’t matter as much as you might think – but that does not mean your profile should be filled with old photos! Make sure you always upload images taken within the last one or two years.